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Technology Investment vs Strategic Technology Investment Featured

Written by  Directing IT

Traditionally investment into a new technology is triggered by an organizational need that has been raised by one of the organizational staff.  This reactive approach of finding a technology solution is mostly short sighted . To fulfill our immediate need, technology teams usually try to find a technology vendor who can take care of their immediate requirement and fits in within their technology budget. More often we realize that these technology solutions become a roadblock in the future for various reasons.

A strategic approach towards any technology investment should be more proactive. Any technology team should ideally have a long term vision for all their technology decisions.  The CTOs and CIOs should be aware of methodologies for measuring and valuing all technology initiatives. Return on Investment (ROI) should be part of all discussions related to any technology investment. One should also consider the non-tangible benefits for these decisions. Ideally, every technology team should maintain an internal knowledge bank of relevant technologies along with their pros and cons. Thus when the need arises they are already aware about the different available options and are able to take more informed decisions.

At Directing IT, we keep evaluating different technology solutions and  follow standard methods to determine ROI for all technology decisions.

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