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The technology team of most small and medium enterprises are always tied with IT operations and are unable to provide strategic guidance to the top-management. On the other hand, the top management of these organizations have become increasingly aware about the advantages of technology advancements.  At Directing IT, we spend a lot of time in upgrading ourselves with the latest technology. We provide technology consulting services to small and medium organizations and enable them to take the right technology decisions. We provide professional advice for all your technology requirements including, but not limited to:

Development of IT Strategy

Strategic Planning for IT is a practice which is less prevalent, especially in small and medium businesses. Most CTOs do not put down their plans on paper and do not have those shared with the top management. If a plan is not clearly put down, it may not be well understood by others and some may even believe that the plan do not exists. Thus it becomes really critical that every CTO should document the technology strategy and it should be well articulated so that main stakeholders understand and are able to contribute to its fine tuning and its subsequent implementation.

IT strategy of any organization should be designed with the underlying goal of creating value for business. Every technology decision, be it procurement of the latest technology, hiring of technology experts, or upgrading the IT infrastructure, should be aligned with the business decisions. The role of IT is to enable the business by ensuring that there is a strong and clear relationship between IT investment decisions and the organization’s overall strategies, goals, ad objectives.

Most IT leaders face a formidable challenge meeting their organizations’ high expectations of IT services while controlling costs and preparing IT to meet the future needs of the business. We understand the challenges and opportunities, and bring an independent view on the existing IT strategy and bring in consulting capabilities to help optimize the existing IT strategy and bring in high levels of IT efficiency.

Technology Budgeting

Budgeting is a very important part of every organization. Although most organizations budget for technology year-on-year, at most times they are uncertain whether they have budgeted enough or less. This ambiguity in the technology budgeting is usually because the Management may not always understand the nitegrites of technology and hence the budget relies on the decision of select individuals in the technology department. This may not always prove to be disastrous, however, is certainly not as objective and realistic as it should be.

Every IT budget should typically:

  • Define the goals and objectives and establish a framework for decision making.
  • Involve as many stakeholders as possible in the budgeting process.
  • Identify dependencies between technology investments.
  • Explore multiple scenarios.
  • Obtain quotations from multiple vendors.
  • Budget for depreciated assets and much more..

We at Directing IT believe that if you invest in technology wisely, it can be a powerful tool in building your business.  We try to bring in expert and neutral advice to the technology budgeting process within your organization. We try our best to gauge the return on investment on your technology investment decisions, not just in how it can help the side of your business that produces revenue, but also how it might reduce costs over the long term. We cover all the important aspects of your technology budget viz. hardware and infrastructure, software, internet, training, human resources and consumables.