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Free Software for Small Businesses Featured

Written by  Directing IT

Every business be it small or large requires basic software for standard processes such as financial accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), task management, project management, human resource management, payroll management etc. It is often seen that most small businesses use spreadsheet applications to manage these processes, which undoubtedly has been the easiest option to adopt since decades. However, when these small businesses grow in size they face difficulties in migrating their data and processes to specialized software solutions. The business owners of most smaller organizations are either unaware of the free software solutions or are under the misconception that implementing specialized solutions is always an expensive and complex job.

In today's world there are hundreds and thousands of free and open source solutions available for managing all of the above mentioned processes. With the advent of the various cloud platforms, we have seen a number of simple and easy to use software solutions available in the market. Thus be it managing your book of accounts or managing your leads and opportunities or for that matter having an enterprise solution for all your needs, all of this and more can be achieved with just a click of a button, as simple as accessing your emails, for free or at an affordable cost.

At Directing IT, we keep evaluating free and affordable software solutions for handling all the various processes within any organization. Our aim is to enable our clients with the information on these free software solutions and help them make an informed decision about choosing the right technology. We also help our clients to adopt to these free solutions and train their staff on the usage of these software solutions. To contact us please click here.

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