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Small Business and Salesforce CRM Featured

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Directing IT - Salesforce Cloud Alliance Partner

Grow your Business by growing sales with world’s best CRM.


1)     Improved ROI: You need a CRM application to grow your revenue. It helps in tracking sales activities for every lead, customer or any opportunity, at an affordable installation and maintenance cost.

2)     Customer Focused: With Salesforce CRM applications and our cloud-computing model, you can follow your customers and your budget at the same time from anywhere. You'll be up and running in 30 days. With our pay-as-you-go model, the price of success is dramatically lower. And Salesforce works across industries, for products and services.

3)     Very Fast: With Salesforce you don’t have to reach for — accounts and contacts, leads and opportunities, forecasting, analytics, contact management, everything comes to you , all wrapped around powerful workflow that helps you customize the Sales Cloud to your business requirements. You are always up and running as there no software, no hardware.

4)     Completeness: Salesforce covers every touch point and every stage of customer lifecycle. It ensures instant customer updates and is always connected.

5)     Proven: Today, over 100,000 of the world's most innovative companies — large, medium, and small — use Salesforce to close bigger deals faster.

6)     Lovable: Using Salesforce is as easy as buying any commodity online. It is easy to operate and understand, even Industry experts say so.

7)     Scalable and Customizable: When it comes to sales, an obsolete CRM system is more of a hassle than help, but salesforce CRM system in collaboration with salesforce cloud can be changed easily without resorting to a crowd of programmers.

8)     Mobile Version: New CRM solution in available in the form of a mobile app too. Thus your business is now at your fingertips, wherever you need and wherever you go.

Some CRM challenges faced by businesses and how to beat them

Getting any new business solution up and running can be a challenge. By choosing a cloud-based solution such as Salesforce CRM, you’ll find that the implementation process and ongoing maintenance is much easier than with traditional software solutions. We’ve identified the 5 most common issues when it comes to implementing CRM. Make sure you have these bases covered and you’ll be on your way to success.

1)  Lack of strategic vision - Use the Salesforce CRM to capture and communicate your vision statement. . Use it as a work in progress to come up with and document all the important decisions about your application.

2) No clear business process - To get the most from Salesforce CRM, you’ll want to make it work the way you do. To do that, it’s critical to define your business process so you can prioritize which features, reports, and customizations you want.

3) Not knowing how to measure success - In Salesforce KPIs will show the areas in which the project is meeting your goals. They’ll also help to identify whether you need change course. Common KPIs include the following:

  • Closed sales QTD (quarter to date)
  • Key opportunities
  • Top 5 sales reps
  • Lead conversion rate
  • Completed activities

4) No change management process - Change is a given. You may find that 6 months after you go live, your application no longer meets some business needs. Because Salesforce CRM is so easy to change, you’ll need a process to manage these changes, so they don’t interfere with your business process or undermine your business strategy.

5) Dirty data - A huge benefit of a CRM application is that you get complete visibility into your pipeline, so you can do accurate forecasting and make good decisions. Dirty data frustrates your users and dooms that goal. To clean your data and keep it clean, you need a plan. can help with free and low-cost tools as well as with some great advice such as Integration and Data Management/Data Cleansing, Best Practice document “6 steps toward top data quality” for achieving and maintaining data quality.

We provide affordable consulting and implementation services for Salesforce CRM and other applications. We also build customized applications on for all your business needs. To contact us please click here.

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