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Cloud computing for Small & Medium businesses

Written by  Directing IT

Cloud Technology is taking businesses to new dimensions and changing the way SMEs work. But why SMEs in particular?  Imagine what if one can start an organization with almost negligible IT infrastructure and software license cost? Sounds dramatic, but is the best shade of cloud. Better known as PaaS (Platform as a service), it’s a platform where one can get the critical IT resources rented at a cost that attracts almost anyone to start a venture or rapidly expand the existing one. It is driving SMEs to expand and yet save them from blocking capital on IT assets. That means one can completely shed off the expenditure of buying and maintaining servers, firewalls, etc.  Also, instead of buying software licenses, one can get them rented through the cloud model known as SaaS (Software as a service).

Cloud provides solutions that are fast, secure, reliable and scalable. With the advent of cloud technology, many big players have ventured in and they bring in their repute to ensure the required service levels. Also, scaling up or down on the cloud infrastructure is as easy as a click of a button. That means IT expense forecasts can become more predictable. Also, cloud solutions are accessible over internet making them accessible anytime and anywhere. So one can log into work from tablet, smart phones or laptop, and at the same time enjoy the liberty of being at home, on vacation or at client’s premises. This would allow any SME to make entry in market from multiple locations across the globe.

Cloud thus marks a revolution in the way businesses run. At Directing IT we help small and medium enterprises to enable themselves with the right cloud solutions. We provide affordable cloud implementation services and have also partnered with major cloud providers such as Amazon, Google, IBM Softlayer, Microsoft, Salesforce, etc. to help our clients get the best deals for the required cloud solutions. To know more contact us now!!!

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