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Technology has become an integral part of business today and organizations have become increasingly reliant on employing the latest technologies. Most top management strongly believe that technology helps scale the business and improve productivity.  The goals of technology are interlinked with the business goals and similarly technology risks are one of the biggest business risks. Thus it becomes extremely critical for organizations to focus on their IT Strategy and ensure it is aligned with the Business Strategy at all time. This said and done, we all know that the CTOs and CIOs are often occupied with operations and seldom get time to re-think about their technology strategy and monitor the overall technology goal.

At Directing IT: 

  • We focus on aligning the IT Strategy with the Business Strategy. We bring in a hawk eye on all the technology decisions to ascertain whether they are in-line with the on-going business needs. 
  • We work closely with the top management and enable them to take informed technology decisions with the goal of achieving high return on investment (ROI) for even the smallest technology decision. 
  • We assist you in reviewing the IT processes, IT projects and IT strategies
  • We understand that IT applications and functions have an enormous impact on the success and strategic growth of any business. Our underlying principle is to keep evaluating different technologies and help organizations in taking timely decisions about adoption, investment, implementation, and deployment of IT. Being independent of the technology providers we recommend IT solutions which are robust, scalable and adaptable
  • We ensure that proper Project Management is followed for every project within the organization. 
  • We appraise the Top management about their existing technology infrastructure by auditing the IT operations and ensuring that all IT risks are identified. Once the risks are identified we work with the technology team to develop the risk mitigation plan.