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"Our vision is to enable Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) for all their technology needs by providing affordable technology services & solutions and align their technology strategy with business strategy in order to maximize their Return on Investment (ROI) from all technology investments."

At Directing IT we offer affordable technology consulting services to small and medium enterprises. Our goal is to enable even the smallest of institution with the right technology thus making them more efficient. We focus on aligning the IT Strategy with the Business Strategy.

We understand that IT applications and functions have an enormous impact on the success and strategic growth of any business. Our underlying principle is to keep evaluating different technologies and help organizations in taking timely decisions about adoption, investment, implementation, and deployment of information technology. Being independent of the technology providers we recommend IT solutions which are robust, scalable and adaptable.

We put ourselves in the shoes of our client and put on our technology caps. Our consulting services helps in reviewing IT processes, IT projects and IT strategies. With our guidance we try to ensure that organizations achieve the Return on Investment (ROI) for even the smallest technology decision.